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Our store relocated to:

1118 W Valley Parkway, Escondido, CA 92025

Please pardon our dust! We are working to make our space even better than before. We are in the same shopping center, just a few doors down. We are next to Chuck E Cheese and Aaron Brothers.

Order minimum $20.
Thank you for your understanding.

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Kitchen/Bath Hand Towels

DBrown-Dark Brown, Robin-Robin's Egg Blue
MtSage-Mint Sage Green, TurqGr-Turquoise Green

Click towel images for a bigger picture

Great for gifts! We have them ready to ship.
We sell them in a 2 pc matching set.

Taupe/Sepia-Low inventory

$25.00 per set


Fluorescent Beads!!!!


11/0 Japanese Bead Mix

Great for stocking stuffers!

$5.00 per tube




15/0 Japanese Bead Kit
all colors & finishes in stock
1/2 tube:
11 neon colors $38
11 neon & 2 matte colors $45

Full tube:
11 neon colors-$66
11 neon & 2matte colors $78

11/0 Japanese Bead Kit
all colors & finishes in stock
1/2 tube:
11 neon colors $25
11 neon & 4 matte colors $32.25
4 neon colors. Just Mattes $10

Full tube:
11 neon colors-$40
11 neon & 4 matte colors $54.50
4 neon colors. Just Mattes $16

Color Lined Neon Seed Beads.
They can fade, please use with caution.

about 30-31 g per tube

Just Mattes Set
11/0: Pink, Orange, Yellow Green
15/0: Pink & Green


Japanese 11/0 Delica
Set of 10 Colors, $52.50

7.2g per tube


Register for classes online!
We will be adding more classes to the schedule.
Check out our classes page, click here

chain maille classbead stitch bracelet

Beadable iPhone5/5s case!

This is the coolest ever! You can make beaded
cases for your phone!

$10.00 each

We have over 400 bolts
of Native American fabrics.

One Step Looper
Limited quantities!

$35.00 each


Craft Night every
4th Tuesday!

Come hang out and get some work done at Dancing Bear! We have had a lot of fun hosting these night events at our store. Bring a project to work on. It's an open time that you can talk with others and make some stuff.

We offer a 5% discount to participants of our Craft Nights
(cannot be combined with other offers)

RSVP: info@dancingbearindiantrader.com

Craft Night
every 4th Tuesday of the Month from 7-9pm

Our Pow wow store
Our Escondido Store

Dancing Bear at Stanford Powwow 2012
We moved our store to Escondido!

1118 W. Valley Parkway,
Escondido, CA 92025

760-747-BEAD (2323)
Store Hours:
Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 12pm-6pm

Our store is located off Interstate 15.

Driving from Oceanside, Interstate 5 & Highway 78:
Take 78 East, to 15 South,
Exit Valley Parkway, Turn Left at signal (Valley Parkway)
Turn Left into Plaza Las Palmas

Turn Left at "T" in parking lot
Store will be on right.

Driving from North of Escondido:

Take 15 South,
Exit Valley Parkway, Turn Left at signal (Valley Parkway)
Turn Left into Plaza Las Palmas

Turn Left at "T" in parking lot
Store will be on right.

Driving from South of Escondido:

Take 15 North,
Exit Valley Parkway, Turn Right at signal (Valley Parkway)
Turn Left into Plaza Las Palmas

Turn Left at "T" in parking lot
Store will be on right.

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Dancing Bear Indian Trader

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Picture taken at the Arizona State University Powwow
by Randall Brady


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Dancing Bear Indian Trader Blog Entries

Free pattern for hotfix crystals! Perfect for Native American Regalia!

Mountian Pattern Hotfix crystal applique for any Native American regalia. Photographed on German tanned buckskin.

Items needed per pattern:

6 Light Siam 4mm Hotfix crystal
9 Rose 4mm Hotfix crystal
12 Capri Blue 4mm Hotfix crystal
15 Peridot 4mm Hotfix crystal

Each pattern starts from the bottom of the capri blue triangle to the last pink triangle bottom. Approx measurement of the crystals, 6-4mm crystals, approx 24mm (approx 15/16")

Crystals avaliable on our website at: http://dancingbearindiantrader.com/hotfixcrystals.html

These hotfix crystals will stick to anything! The picture below shows the reflective qualities of the crystals. We were just dazzled by the sparkling, and saw the reflections on the ceiling and walls from having this crystal pattern in the sunlight! There is no picture, really that can capture this. We sell the bejeweler pro. This tool was used to make this design. It is a nice tool. We were very impressed with the ergonomic handle and the versitility of the interchangable tips! The tool heats up quickly, and makes using hotfix crystals really easy!

The link on our site for this is:http://dancingbearindiantrader.com/hotfixcrystals.html
We have a crystal pattern for designing available for free. Just email Chris at: chris@dancingbearindiantrader.com

She can email the file to you, so that you can design your own hotfix crystal pattern at home! The possibilities are endless!!! Oh wouldn't a dress covered in these rhinestones just be beautiful???

Preciosa HOT FIX CRYSTALS! Modern Technology at work!

Have you heard about Swarovski Hotfix, or Crystal Hotfix crystals?

We just started to carry genuine Czech Crystal rhinestones with Hot Fix for easy attachment. These rhinestones are great quality, they sparkle like diamonds! Hot Fix crystals are great for any project, practically anything that you would like to embellish with sparkle.

We buy Preciosa Crystal. What is Preciosa? Preciosa is a Czech crystal brand. It is direct competition for Swarovski. The prices are better & the glitter factor is the very close! Why pay more for a comparable product. We are so excited about these hot fix crystals. They can be placed anywhere! The Hot Fix adhesive is permanent. It can handle dry cleaning and even machine washing. Hot Fix Crystals can be attached to fabric, leather, plastic, metal. What is nice about the hot fix crystals? No more mess with glue. Put the crystal where you want it, and place the Hot Fix Gun on the crystal. Heat up the glue on the back, and you have an INSTANT bond that is permanent!We carry many different Colors of crystals:Crystal, Light Ruby, Rose Pink, Citrine, Peridot, Aqua, Capri Blue, & Amethyst. MORE COLORS COMING SOON!

Size available: 16ss (4 mm approx)we will carry more sizes soon.
We sell a Hot Fix Gun. This gun has interchangeable tips for all of the different sizes. Graceful and stylish, the New Generation BeJeweler Pro electric rhinestone applicator has true ergonomic styling!
This professional model features:
• A design patented soft handle that maximizes productivity while preventing operator fatigue and discomfort
• A short nozzle to allow the ultimate precision placement
• Universal voltage for use with either 110 or 220 volts
• Professional, sleek packaging with instructions
• Rhinestone tips in 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm sizes that are etched for easy size identification
• Hot Spot (flat) tip for applying all other size/shape hot-fix embellishments
• Deep support stand holds tool firmly
• Includes an insert with detailed directions and pattern, plus a free matching blue cleaning brush!
• Flared tip on handle helps prevent fingers from touching heated metal.Beyond question, the best hot-fix rhinestone tool ever designed!

This is our link to our website for the hot fix Preciosa Crystals.


WOW so much rain and bead hanks!

Hello All,
It has been really rainy here in San Diego, specifically Vista, California. Last week it snowed in the mountians, it was just beautiful!
These pictures are just a perfect example of California life. Traffic... and Palm Trees with Snowy mountians. It has been really cold here in Vista. We have working hard hand tying all of those hanks of Czech Beads, so that all of our wonderful customers can pick out all of the colors for their amazing Native American beaded projects. This year we are really excited about the season starting, we have added many new colors in all of the Czech beads and Japanese Miyuki beads. We have added to our inventory many new Native American, Southwest, theme fabrics. Oh! And big news, we are going to make our Dancing Bear Native American fleece throws in many of our popular fabrics!!We look forward to seeing you at the California State University Long Beach Powwow. March 8-9, 2008 Chris and Don Tracy

Dancing Bear Indian Trader

Our bead selection page http://www.dancingbearindiantrader.com/beadindex.htmlOur fabrics page http://www.dancingbearindiantrader.com/ndfabrics.html


Christine Tracy, honored as Head Woman at California Hethushka powwow on March 2, 2008 in Torrance, CA

What an honor! Chris was asked to be the head woman dancer at the California Hethushka & powwow on March 2, 2008 in Torrance, CA. Thank you Jerry and Diana Smith for putting in the recommendation! In recent years Don has been dancing in the Hethushka war dance every March. Chris has always been there to support him, dancing in place at the side of the arena when necessary thoughout the afternoon and evening. It was quite an honor to be asked this year to be on the Sunday powwow head staff.
Chris has been a part of the Southern California Native American community for many years. Both she and her husband, Don, are well respected on the Southern California Powwow Trail. She was brought into the arena by Merle Big Medicine, Southern Cheyenne. Merle considers Chris as one of her daughters and is very proud of Chris’ beadwork. So many things to do to get ready for the Special besides running the Internet business and Dancing Bear craft supply booth! Chris asked Ben Hale, Dine, a close family friend and well known member of the Southern California Hale family, to speak for her. Always an elegant speaker, he did a wonderful job! Thank you Ben! Chris also invited her good powwow dance buddy, Carolyn Reyes (Ojibwee), to be her assistant and help her dress for the powwow Sunday morning. Carolyn also made sure Chris was on time to start each dance during the afternoon! Not much time for visiting at the side of the arena when you are Head Dancer! Carolyn is an elegant, accomplished and champion traditional jingle dress dancer. In 2006 she placed 3rd in Golden Age Jingle at The Gathering of Nations Powwow!! Thanks for all the help! And thank you to Fidel, Carolyn’s husband, for helping with the gifts during the Give Away. Fidel had a whole system worked out for it! Chris honored those who support her in the community as well as the California Hethuska and the Ponca drum, headed by Henry Cummings. She called up Saginaw Grant, Ben Hale, Jerry and Diana Smith, Ken Tsuji, David Moller (the Head Man), Frank Turley, Ty Stewart, Darry Wood, Barbara Stumbling Bear, Pete Buffalohead, Barry Hamilton (Southern Cheyenne, who stood up with Chris as family), and Carolyn and Fidel Reyes. What a wonderful afternoon!

For more information about the California Hethuska: http://www.ciha.net

Traditional Native American Dress Shells and Elk Teeth

Elk teeth, cowrie shells and dentillium shells have been used for the decoration of traditional Native American women’s capes, dresses and other craft items from old times to the very modern present.


In the old days it was a sign of wealth to have the top half of your dress covered with elk teeth. Only two “ivories” could be had from each elk hunted. As a result elk teeth were highly prized for their decorative value. Even today these elk “ivories” are very much in demand. Genuine elk teeth are like the “gold standard” of Native American craft items. Each year the price of a matched pair goes up and up, and they are not readily available. You have to be lucky to be at the right place at the right time to run into someone who is willing to sell or trade a pair of genuine elk teeth. Most hunters today, whether native or non-native, treasure the ivories for themselves or for their families.You might be surprised to know that the “imitation elk tooth” existed in the old days too! Examples of carved bone (imitation) elk teeth have been found on antique dresses and pieces of regalia.As a result of their scarcity, today there are several styles of PLASTIC, CARVED BONE and SIMULATED ELK TEETH available on the market. At any given Powwow you will see Native American women in beautiful traditional dresses adorned in these IMITATION ELK TEETH, and of course you still see dresses adorned in REAL ELK TEETH too!

Dancing Bear is happy to supply a variety of “imitation” elk teeth for your craft use on dresses, ear rings, necklaces, hair ties, bandoliers, bags, breastplates, etc.


The Money Cowrie was the shell used on old time Native American dresses. It has a yellow ochre color and is characterized by the dimpled bottom of the shell. One hole was drilled on the narrow top for attachment to dresses and other items. Long before European contact, these shells were an important trade item in North America which were brought inland from the Pacific coast by Native American traders. They were rare, and had a high trade value. Thus the name “Money” Cowrie.

The Ring Top Cowrie is a modern import from Southeast Asia which has become very popular in the 20th Century through the present. It is characterized by an orangish line which “rings” the top of the shell. Thus the name “Ring Top”. They are a grayish on top with a cream-colored edge and underside.


These are available exclusively through Dancing Bear Indian Trader. They are cut from ring top and money cowries to reveal the rich, purple color on the inside of the shell. These rounded discs, with a center hole like a sequin, can be stitched down in a line on buckskin like white clam shell hishi. The effect is amazing!


The dentillium shell is another old time trade item of great value that made its way from the Pacific Northwest east to the interior of North America. It was the most prized of the trade shells. A dress with a full cape of dentillium shells was said to be worth several horses in trade. To complete her outfit, a woman might wear one or two pairs of long, multi-tiered dentillium earrings. Dentillium chokers were also worn by both men and women.

On the Northern Plains, besides on dresses, dentillium shells were often stitched onto dress sleeves and hems in various patterns as decorative motifs.

The old time dentillium has a smooth, shiny surface and is a golden color which can vary from whitish to cream to brownish. Unfortunately these old time shells are next to impossible to get.

The ridged, white dentillium from Southeast Asia is the shell that has been readily available in recent years. It varies in length from ½” to 2” (premium size). It is fairly inexpensive, but select, long shells can be pricey. The drawback with ridged dentillium is that they are brittle and often break in pieces after they have been made into something.

Recently a smooth, white, stronger dentillium has become available. It is also imported from Asia. It tends to be much longer on average than the ridged dentillium, and the price is not too high. There seems to be a resurgence of dentillium dress capes on the powwow circuit. Native American women are starting to use the smooth dentillium for dress capes as it makes up very nicely and does not cost too much.

Smooth Dentillium

These are a recent import from India and are a great substitute for the difficult, if not impossible to get old time dentillium. They are much stronger than the ridged dentillium and tend to run long, most being 1-1/4” to 1-1/2” inches in length or more. Traditional ladies have been using them to make their beautiful dress capes. They work up quickly with stunning results.

Dentillium Cape making tip: Sort the shells by length. Start with shorter shells around the neck. Gradually work up in size as you go so the outside rows have the longest shells. If you start with the longest shells at the neck, you will end up wasting a lot of shells. . Use a heavy cotton thread for sewing the shells as their sharp edges will cut thinner threads like Nymo or sewing threads. Use a double mercerized crochet thread (it won’t shrink) that is fairly thick. This thicker thread will hold up for a long time.

We sell all of these above mentioned items.


Native American War Pony Quilt Directions

Supplies needed:

1 FQ of Red Tipis
1 FQ of Black Tipis
1 FQ of Beige Running Horses
1 FQ of Black Running Horses
Red Thread
Turquoise Thread
Red Acrylic Paint
Blue Acrylic Paint
Yellow Acrylic Paint
Small thin paint brush
Sewing Machine
Rotary Cutter or Scissors
Cutting board
Safety Pin

Press both Horse fabrics so that they are not creased. Use a paper plate as a palette, and small thin brush. Water down the acrylic so that it is a bit thinner than the original consistency (not dripping, think of it as an ink). You want to have it just right so that you can use the paint to soak in a bit. Practice on scrap material before using the Horse fabric.

Cut the Red and Black Tipis in 4 long pieces 4.5” x 22” with a Rotary Cutter or Scissors, Pair the Red Tipis with the Black Horses and Black Tipis with the Beige Horses. Make sure to pay attention to the orientation of the designs.Pin one strip to the top and bottom of each piece of the horses FQs. Right sides together.Sew ¼” seam along the top and bottom of each horse fabric piece.
Press the seams towards the center. Pin strips to both sides of the horse fabric pieces.Pair the Red Tipis with the Black Horses and Black Tipis with the Beige Horses. There will be an extra amount on these lengths, make sure to allow for the selvage to be trimmed.Make sure to pay attention to the orientation of the designs. Sew ¼” seam along the sides of each horse fabric piece.
Press the seams towards the center.

You have your two pieces. Pin the seams down, and use a decorative stitch to go along the edge of the Tipi border of each piece, using a contrasting color for the thread. We used a decorative triangle stitch with turquoise colored embroidery thread. Cut a piece of batting for each completed mini horse quilt. Center horse fabric piece, with tipis on batting and use safety pins to attach in several places starting from the center and working out. About every 3”-4” place a pin.

Decorative quilting:
Outline horses with red thread.
Circles in the background with red thread.

If your machine has a free-motion feature, it works great for this design.
Drop feed dog in sewing machine and stitch moving the fabric around with your hands outlining the horses, or making circles in the background.
Variation:You can make 2 of each color and make a throw size blanket with these panels. They can be sewn together to make a pillow case, placemat, table runner. It’s really endless what you can do with them!
Have fun!
Chris Tracy
To see more details, please visit our Native American fabrics page.

We sell these items. Not all of them are on the website with shopping cart links. We have been working on the website as well as attending powwows and running business, please be patient with us, there is so much to put onto the website! We have a comprehensive collection of Native American craft supplies for any Native American project. We strive to find new items all the time. If you are looking for something and don't know where to get it, please ask us! We probably have it or can get for you! We hope you will be our customer, and that you think we are the #1 Indian Craft Supply, the go to, for your personal crafting needs!

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