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Bead Reamer Set

Awls & Punches
Several different types for beading and leather work

E6000, GS Hypo Bead Tip Cement, Super Glue

Sharps, Beading, Glovers, and Speciality types

Three different styles

Other tools
The latest and greatest of craft tools

Round, Flat, Chain Nose, etc

Sewing Supplies
Thimbles, Bee's wax, Threaders, etc.

Different cutting implements

Natural, Rolls & Bobbins, Colored

Stringing Material
Stretch Magic, Soft Flex,
Tiger Tail, Memory Wire, etc.

Stackable jars, bead tubes, and plastic bags in many sizes

Fireline, Nymo, different sizes & colors, bobbins to 3 oz. cones.

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