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Stringing Material & Sinew



Shop Sinew at our E-Commerce Site

Sinew is great for many Native American craft projects. Sinew can be used to sew together moccasins, make dreamcatcher webs, necklaces, hairpipe necklaces and more. Sinew traditionally was made from the tendons in the deer/elk. This Imitation Sinew is made in the USA. It is made with polyester nylon with a waxy binder. Imitation Sinew is a great alternative, because is comes in long lengths, and since it's made from synthetic material, it will not rot/mold.

Natural, Pink*, Red, Orange*, Yellow, Green*, Turquoise Blue*, Royal Blue, Royal Purple*, Black & White

Imitation Sinew Spools

Shop Sinew at our E-Commerce Site

*Not pictured